Wheel Refinishing and Restoration

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Like New! At a fraction of the Cost - That's AutoMax's Professional Refinish and Wheel Restoration

Wheel Refinishing and Restoration

Driving around Acton, Shrewsbury and the rest of the Greater Boston area can take a toll on your wheels, so keeping them maintained could pay off in the long run. At our Massachusetts dealerships, we have three levels of service to cater to the severity of wear and tear on your wheels. We will run through our process to get your wheels looking like new again, but if all else fails, we will replace your wheels for a great price.


•    Straighten:  Our first step will be to realign your wheels to check if that solves any problematic vibrations.

•    Refinish and Restore:  If your wheels need more aesthetic work, our service staff will start by straightening them and then work to give your wheels a new finish, removing unsightly oxidation, curb rash and discoloration.

•    Wheel Replacement:  Once the wear and tear on your tires reaches a certain point, it's no longer worth maintaining them. If the previous steps don't get the job done, our staff will get some new wheels on your car for a great price. 
Should we need to Repair, Refinish, Restore, and Straighten your wheels, here is the process for each individual wheel:

•   First we check the wheel for visible cracks and or bends.

•   Next we straighten the wheel using our custom equipment to within +/- .010 inches.

•   The wheel is cleaned and sandblasted.

•   Missing pieces are welded and machined down.

•   The wheel is primed using top quality etching primer.

•   Two layers of color matching paint is applied.

•   Two coats of clear paint is applied for lasting durability.

•   The wheel is cooked under a shortwave light to improve resistance to abrasions.

•   The finish product is delivered, and your wheels are better than new!


We also provide a limited warranty against corrosion and peeling!

Schedule regular wheel checks with our Massachusetts dealerships to get the most out of their lifespan and to avoid complete replacement. Call our pre-owned dealers in Framingham and Marlborough or schedule your wheel service online today!


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